Letters and Testimonials

Mr. Johnson,

Thank you for coming to our class and educated us young men. Thank you for talking to us. You made me wanna expand my view of life in the world. It’s a good thing that brought up praying because a lot of people are forgetting about the Lord until they come in here. You have opened my eyes and I thank you.


Dear Mr Johnson,

My name is Sunny from Unit 2, the Cambodian kid. I appreciate your time your kindness, and you knowledge you shared with us. Giving a chance to think ahead of time and not fall for the traps that would put me back in the system. I shall take your knowledge and use in my own personal life. Thank you for letting us be known about your personal experience and give us a chance you never had. I will try to expand my conscience, and become something different in my life, follow the world to success. Thank you for coming again.



Dear Mr. Johnson,

I appreciate you taking time to come to talk to all of us. I heard the message you gave and I to have faith in the Lord. I am great full and blessed to had the opportunity to listen to your testimony.  God has given me comfort and patient to with stand the pressure of being incarcerated. He has also blessed me by being here today, because if i was “free” I wouldn’t appreciate normal necessities. And I think being here; God can use me to speak to others to encourage them. I am not intending to be a Preacher of anything. But through my attitude & my actions I can show what ‘God is doing in my life. I am glad to of heard your story because it give me hope. Not only am I praying for my mom and myself, but now you will be in m prayers. Mainly so god can guide you through your paperwork that you struggle with.

Your loving Brother

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Finally I’ve finished my book, only to hold on to it as a reminder of what I need to do with my life. I need more understanding, more faith and more contentment. I constantly look for what I want to do instead of what I need to do, and that’s why I continue to get greeted in 425 (women’s county jail) with arms wide open.

I miss my signs, my affirmations that are always being thrown in my face but I jump out the way and manage to miss my blessing. “The Lords gotta work” (from the book “The last hustle”) will always be my favorite chapter, because my mom reminds me all the time, but I will come home and start running the streets and wasting time!

I’m often told that maybe it’s the unseen that’s working in my favor, but God I’m a visualizer (thinking but not doing) and that’s why I’m still stuck in my negative behavior. Sorry Kenny I don’t want to be 47 paroling out, help me get it now Lord and be through with all the worries and doubts. Sept 3rd I made 28, but that’s not the only birthday I had in jail on this date. Out of my immediate family, my dad and I or the only ones who have been to prison, damn that’s nothing to glorify, though it just turned this girl into a woman. Just like you Kenny I stayed on the run, running from self. I just want to be done. I pray, I cry, I ask God what is my purpose since you Kenny are continuing to open my eyes. Is it Pooch and Dooda (children) cause they gone be alright…Shit I guess they will if I continue to make it through the night!!!


Thank you!

Jamie H.