Lecture Series

In this day and age, the invitation to wake up is as strong as ever. Kenny shares his life experiences so that others can benefit from lessons he learned.


While Kenny’s story focuses on his time in jail, he conveys a powerful message to anyone who has been trapped in a prison of trying to get out of something that they just don’t think they can stand.  His ability to find freedom in a federal penitentiary invites every single person in the world into the possibility that they do not need to live a perfect life to find peace and contentment.

Invite Kenny to speak to your group - you won't be disappointed.

Kenny is a dynamic speaker. Demand For a conversation with Kenny Includes topics such as:

"The Last Hustle"

Connect with Kenny as he shares his story of transformation from a life of crime and deceit to one of truth and awakening. You will be on the edge of your seat in curiosity.

"Finding Freedom In Prison"

Kenny speaks to prisoners and about prisoners and the internal battle of incarceration which leads to suffering.

"The Exit Is Inside"

You will be amazed as Kenny invites you into the realization that each of us holds the key to our freedom.


"The Most Important Relationship"

As a wise teacher Kenny holds space for you to relate to yourself through his direct transmission.

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