Meditation and Mindfulness

Kenny invites you into stillness of the mind as he guides you through a mediation practice - to help you unlock what's blocking your inner wisdom and true peace.


Kenny brings a unique form of meditation to individuals and groups that he works with.  The meditation that Kenny teaches is unlike traditional meditation where people are required to sit for many minutes or even an hour at a time.  The goal of this technique is to teach people how to instantaneously stop the never ending loop of thoughts in the mind.  Kenny will lead a 7 minute meditation followed up with a discussion about what thoughts, patterns and feelings arose during the meditation.  This short, but, power packed experience often brings about a deeper understanding of what is preventing so many individuals from realizing the truth of who they are.

Kenny began his mediation practice while still incarcerated. His practice supported him in his ongoing awakening.


The benefits of mediation are clear:

Reduction in stress levels

Improved concentration and mental focus

Creates a healthy lifestyle

Increases self-awareness - necessary in an information age

Increases in overal happiness

Meditation induces relaxation - therefore there are benefits to the cardiovascular and immune system.

Kenny works with anyone who is interested in mental focus and peace. 

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