“It is my dream that each of you who come to our meetings will expand your consciousness, through prayer, reading, meditating, and contemplating new ideas, and drop the old thoughts that have kept you in the prison of your mind”. 

The Exit is Inside

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Meet Kenny


Kenneth "Kenny" Johnson is the founder and director of This Sacred Space (501C3 Non-profit) and author of the book “The Last Hustle”. He is dedicated to bringing spiritual awareness to all beings who are incarcerated. His programs provide emotional healing for men and women behind bars and after their release.

About the Book


“The Last Hustle” chronicling his years as a criminal and how he was transformed while incarcerated. His story proves that however hard and unpromising our particular life circumstances, we can discover true happiness. Get a copy today here.

Lecture Series

Invite Kenny to speak to your group. In this day and age, the invitation to wake up is as strong was ever. Kenny shares his life experiences so that others can benefit from lessons he learned.

Kenny - Your Advisor

Kenny is your personal advisor and teacher whether you are seeking peace and freedom, advice for helping others, or wanting to support others who are incarcerated, hire Kenny as your partner.

Mindfullness Meditation Sessions

Kenny invites you into stillness of the mind he guides you through a meditation practice - to help you unlock what's blocking your inner wisdom and true peace.


Retreats with Kenny offer a profound space to open to the peace and freedom that you are. Kenny invites you into the truth of who you are - he invites you home. Retreats are a place to rest and relax away from the frenetics of life.


Peace in Prison

The Prison Program provides guidance and insights that assist participants in developing a spiritual and emotional foundation and empowers them to successfully overcome destructive dynamics in their lives.