Retreats and Satsang

Satsang (Meetings):

Meetings are a way to come together and truly meet beyond the mind and the narrative of life. Kenny feels compelled to hold space for those individuals who want more - who are seeking freedom. The powerful communication that takes place at satsang cuts directly through the prison bars of your mind. Because of his rich life experience, Kenny is a master of allowing for self-contemplation in an inclusive environment. The meeting support the mind's return to the source of all being.


Kenny invites you to the direct path to freedom through self-inquiry.


The format for satsang (meetings):

Sit in silence with Kenny

Raise your hand to ask a question of or offer a report to Kenny

Sit in silence again to close out the meeting


Meetings are 1-2 hours.


Retreats are 1 day, weekend, 1 week or 10 day day retreats

Kenny also offers silent retreats

All retreats held at a location of your choice.

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