Kenny shares his experience by going into prisons and detention centers - so that others can learn life's valuable lessons. His message is clear - you can experience freedom behind bars AND it is a full, tough existence while serving your sentence and when you get out.

Speaking with prisoners and families of prisoners is the end goal for Kenny and he helps people in a few ways...

The Turnaround Project

Kenny was deeply traumatized as a youth and it wasn’t until he was in his 30’s while incarcerated, that he was able to participate in a Hatha Yoga Program. By participating in yoga, a door opened to a mindfulness/meditation and self inquiry practice. This all happened for Kenny while serving a 40 year prison sentence. It was through his yoga practice that he was able to finally experience a spiritual awakening while in prison.

After his release from prison Kenny began working with incarcerated individuals. He has seen the need for somatic based programs coupled with one to one dialogue and group discussion. Kenny now offers weekly online webinars offering assistance to participants released from prison. Together they share experiences, challenges in integrating into society, meditate together and look deeper with self-inquiry.

The Tree of Life Program

This Sacred Space is producing a series of lessons that show participants techniques based on the science of Neuroplasticity and the power of positive thinking. More info to come. Colorful cartoons illustrate mindfulness techniques and how the brain is wired. Newsletters are shared with inmates and they can write back with questions and discoveries.

Open Meetings - Satsang In Prisons

Kenny shares the gift of his awakening by visiting prisons for satsang meetings. The meeting contains a period of silent meditation and a opportunity to respond to questions and reports from the audience.

Mindfulness Mediation

Kenny meets people in their drive for meditation - something deeper – finding who you are, understanding yourself, mastering your mind, awakening, freeing yourself from suffering, exploring deeper states of consciousness, healing your heart, etc. These are strong motivations for those behind bars.

Donate! Every dollar counts

Your donation helps Kenny visit more state and local penitentiaries. The program also includes getting "The Last Hustle" book into every prison library. Your donation is tax deductible through The Sacred Space 501C3 Non-profit.


Kenny asked to feel each other pain pull together as one. Help one another. Well, when I look at these women around me, some looked so bad that it made me thankful for the little nothing I don’t have. When I looked again I see happiness that I longer for.

It made me think are they taken this time serious? I looked again I see orange. I see faces without eyes. I see mouths without communication. I see woman without children. I see children without parents. I see sister without sibling. I see sibling without sister. I see generations meeting for the first time. I see sickness without medication. I see pain without answers. I see nights without sleep. I’m scared to look again but I do I see me in the mirror looking at me. I see me being free. I see me new coming back here. I see God has given me another chance. I look again I see my mom telling me, I told you not to go there it’s a dangerous place. I ask my mom, mom where am I, she said, your mind. Never go there alone. Now the person who can’t see is the person who doesn’t want to see. Even the blind can see.

From Angel B.

Updates on the new book coming soon!